Some New Fishing Gears 2017



Hobie was the first to introduce a pedal-propulsion system for kayaks, in 1997. MirageDrive has evolved to offer a reverse function in the new 180 version, which will be integrated into 2017 Mirage kayaks. By mid-2017, the system will retrofit to existing pedal boats with a stand-alone accessory. The MirageDrive 180 weighs 8 pounds and produces full power in both directions using two shift cables. The system adds $150 to new Hobie single-model kayaks and $300 to tandems. Read More

2017 New Tackle, Gear and Accessories


I find it unfortunately easy to take good fortune for granted. But I’m reminded every July, during the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, of just how privileged I am.

I enjoy a front-row seat to a wealth of fishing-tackle goodies as the industry displays its brand-new designs and updates. Now, as the holiday season approaches and many of these items line store shelves, I can describe this new and sometimes offbeat gear that I — and the other Sport Fishing editors — got to see during the summer show.

Here are 26 items we coveted during ICAST. We’ve also listed the saltwater- related winners from this year’s Best of Show competition. Read More

Watch your Speed! Trolling For Fish!


Speed can make or break your trolling success, and yet there’s not one single speed fishermen rely on day after day. Variables such as your heading (up-sea or down-sea), weak or strong currents you must cross, winds that vary in direction and strength, and the height of wave swells all affect your trolling speed daily.

“The best way to control speed is to watch your skirted baits and keep bumping up faster and faster, until your baits start to spin,” says Capt. Anthony Mendillo, of Keen M Sport Fishing in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. “Then slow down until your presentation swims true, and you’ve found your peak natural-bait trolling speed for the day.

“Use the same tactic when slow- trolling” he explains. “Go as slow as possible until the baits no longer swim properly, then bump up your speed. I have four different boats, and they all have different trolling speeds. I use this technique to figure out the best speed each day.”

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