Watch your Speed! Trolling For Fish!


Speed can make or break your trolling success, and yet there’s not one single speed fishermen rely on day after day. Variables such as your heading (up-sea or down-sea), weak or strong currents you must cross, winds that vary in direction and strength, and the height of wave swells all affect your trolling speed daily.

“The best way to control speed is to watch your skirted baits and keep bumping up faster and faster, until your baits start to spin,” says Capt. Anthony Mendillo, of Keen M Sport Fishing in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. “Then slow down until your presentation swims true, and you’ve found your peak natural-bait trolling speed for the day.

“Use the same tactic when slow- trolling” he explains. “Go as slow as possible until the baits no longer swim properly, then bump up your speed. I have four different boats, and they all have different trolling speeds. I use this technique to figure out the best speed each day.”

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